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Tic Tac Bang: Alex and Lima by KsKaBeLL
Tic Tac Bang: Alex and Lima
Hola hola!!! :wave:
Mirad quién asoma por aquí :flirty:
Siento mucho haber estado tan desaparecida pero, de verdad...mi vida ha sido muy ajetreada. Os juro que algun dia actualizaré el jornal y os contaré cuatro detallitos para que os hagáis una idea...
La cuestión es que hacía millones de dias que no cogía un lápiz y, mucho menos, usaba el PS; así que me he visto en la imperiosa necesidad de tener que dibujar algo, y Alex y Lima han aparecido sobre el papel.
Sé que el dibujo no es gran cosa, però Bueno, la cuestión es mantenerse algo activa!! :boogie:

En fin! Aquí tenemos a Alex (Anubis) y a Lima, de mi proyecto "Tic Tac Bang" (… )
Espero que os guste! En breve me pondré al dia con vuestros pics! ;-)


Hi hi!! :wave:
Look who's back!! :flirty:
I'm really sorry, I know I've been reaaaaally out lately, but my real life have been pretty busy (work, study, family, boyfriend.....ya know n_ñU ). I promise ya all that I'll Update my journal and let you know a lil' about me durin' all these past months!
Well, the important matter is that I have been without grabing a pencil for sooooo long. So I felt an urgent need for drawing, and Alex and LIme came on the paper. I know that the pic's not a big thing (I've lost a lot of practice), but I really wanted to keep me in action again! :boogie:

Well, so here we have Alex (Anubis) and Lima from my project "Tic Tac Bang" (… )
Hope you like it!! I'll cach you up all with your artsy stuff! Just give me some time!

Tic Tac Bang (c) CascaBelle
Heart, pag.10 by KsKaBeLL
Heart, pag.10
Next -->
Prev -->…

Una más!!!
Lo siento mucho por la tardanza al actualizar. Pero tengo un exámen muy importante en un mes y todo el tiempo libre que tengo lo dedico a estudiar....Por otro lado, estoy pendiente de un ascenso en mi trabajo y debo dedicar muchos esfuerzos! Cruzad los dedos!! >_<!!

En fin, la primera conversación entre Anubis y Lima!
(ella no tiene ni idea de con quién está hablando, por supuesto.)

Espero vuestros comentarios! :flirty:



Panel 1:

Saboya: Mr Black! Such a surprise! I’ve been talkin’ to Mr. Golden tonight, but I didn’t know you were here too.



Saboya: I’ve already told to your brother that there’s nothin’ to be worried about. The delay on the payment is due to…

Alex: Shhht! Saboya, Saboya. Maybe you see my face like I would care about that? Moreover, tell me somethin’: you see me like if I must face off Golden’s treats?

Saboya: No…no…of corse not.

Alex: Then, why are you presupposing that my presence here is due to that?

Saboya: Mr. Black, I wasn’t meaning…

Alex: I’ll overlook the fact that you have just insinuated that my brother’s an incompetent if you do me a favor and you get this girl served what she wants. Oh, and just charge to me all what she owe you.

Panel 3:

Lima: Hey….have you ever been told about the personal space? Bar’s too long, ya know…

Alex: Really? Those will be your first sentences to me? C’mon. I can’t believe it.


Panel 4:

Lima. What were you expecting? Some kind of ovation with reverence.

Alex: well…guess that’s what I’m used to…

Lima: Hahahaha! Ok smart guy, I admit it. You deserve a “thank you”.

Alex: That’s all?

Lima: Do you want more? You’re expecting too much again.

Alex: I’ve become too patient over the years. I would say that I have the whole eternity to expect what I want.

Another page!!
I'm so sorry for the delay at time to upload the new page, but I've a very important exam in one month and I need to study seriously! Appart from that, I'm expecting to be promoted to another Workstation (they will pay much money!!), so I need to focus myself and demonstrate that I'm able! So yeah, cross fingers! >_<!

Anyway, that's Anubis' and Lima first talk. She has no idea who's talking to at all...

Hope you like it! Want to read your comments! ;-)

See you!! :flirty:

Very busy!!! >_<!!
I need to find some time to lost my mind in my pictures...
FUCK!!! I hate DA's new update.....such a crap...

Muchas gracias por todas las aportaciones en mi pregunta del jornal anterior!
La verdad es que muchas de ellas me gustaron :flirty: y os agradezco enormemente la colaboración y la ayuda. ¡Sois unos soletes!! :glomp:
Al final, entre todos los posibles nombres de bares egipcios que me propusieron, los que más me gustaron fueron Zytho y Aaru. Y de entre estos dos, he decidido que el bar se llamará AARU (ya que su significado real guarda una relación muy estrecha con los dioses egipcios y, ya puestos, que mejor manera de llamarle a un local repleto de ellos? ).
Eso sí, debo informar que la bebida alcohólica estrella del Aaru será el Zythum - entre otros. ;-)

Por último! Informaros también que ya tengo título para el cómic.
Un título que no tiene nada que ver con dioses - ni egipcios ni nórdicos ni nah! - pero que hace vaga referencia a dos elementos principales en la historia: un corazón, y comportamiento criminal.
¿Qué os parece? o_o


:wave: hi there!!
I want to thank you all for the help and cooperation you gave me when I asked it for in my last journal :flirty: You all are a sweetties!!! :glomp: A lot of names were just priceless, and I like some of them very much! But I must tell that I've been deciding between Zytho and Aaru. So, at last, I decided that the pub’s name will be AARU (the real meaning of the word has a very stright relation with gods so, what else would be better to name a place plenty full of them? ;-) ).

Well, I must confess that the best alcoholic drink in Aaru’s will be the Zythum, of corse!


So yeah! At last I thought about a name for the comic! It will be:


It’s name that has nothin’ to do with gods – no egyptians, no nordics, no romans… - but have a close and important meaning with two of the most elements from the story: a heart, and the criminal behaivour.

What do you think about it? O_o


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KsKaBeLL has started a donation pool!
542 / 1,000
(yesh, at least till I'm done with the ones I already have)

Yeah! Points!
I want to get a subscription again! :boogie:
So yeah! I'll do art request for points! But just will be pencil sketches and linearts.
If anyone is interested in a more elaborated pic (with color) I'll reserve for myself the qty of points I'll ask for it depending on the requested picture ;-)

Some things you must know first:
1.- Send me a note with a description of your request
2.- I'll start drawing once the points have been donated
3.- I'll accept any kind of character (not necessary related to SS) in any kind of situations (have no problem with sexual and mature themes)

Pencil sketch:
1 character (bust) --> 5 :points:
1 character (entire body) --> 10 :points:
every +1 character --> + 3 :points:
+background --> +2 :points:

1 character (bust) --> 8 :points:
1 character (entire body) --> 16 :points:
every +1 character --> + 6 :points:
+background --> 5 :points:

- Ask me ;-)

Now working on:
1.- :iconjenndylyon: --> 25%
2.- :icontsumilkenclover: -->… and
3.- :iconkiananuva12: -->…
4.- :iconartsee-claire: -->…

Saved places for the next round:
1.- :iconprofessorcalculus800:
2.- :icongreyscale-renegade:
3.- :iconbajecznamirra:

That's all!!
Free donations will be welcome too! hehehe :flirty:

You must be logged in to donate.
  • :iconartsee-claire:
    Donated May 14, 2012, 11:55:42 AM
  • :icontsumilkenclover:
    Donated May 11, 2012, 11:53:02 AM
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    Donated May 9, 2012, 8:40:09 AM


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Maugrimneverdies Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member
No problem. And to be honest your Streex is much cutter and hotter than in the series
KsKaBeLL Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
hehehehe! Thankies!! :flirty: (yeah, that show had an awful character's design.....)
marvincmf Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hola, he visto en tu galería algunos dibus de Throttle y te quedaron bonitos, he dibujado una versión Sonic de él y pensé en ti (como curiosidad):

Saludos y XOXO
KsKaBeLL Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
wiiiii!!!! Voy a verla!
ArchAngelDuskandDawn Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heya, how're ya doin? ^^
KsKaBeLL Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hi there!!! :wave:
Doin' fine! ya know, working, studying, hanging around, hehehe!
And you??
ArchAngelDuskandDawn Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm doing fine too ^^ Just hope I'll stay fine after workout XD
And tried to do some Street Sharks again and drew Streex with my copic markers, having a smoke and stuff ^^
Just DA won't let me upload it -.-
mirinkashi200 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Student
feliz cumpleaños!
KsKaBeLL Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Muchas gracias!!
mirinkashi200 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Student
de nada! espero te lo hayas pasado bien!!
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