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Tic Tac Bang: Black Alex by KsKaBeLL
Tic Tac Bang: Black Alex
Just working with no digital tools! I just get some aquarella-pencils and I'm just getting used to it. :love: I must say that it feels really good work again with my hands on a paper, not on a tablet!

A little of Black Alex (Anubis) of my Tic Tac Bang project. Have to love his grin!! :love:

(Ok, there's a huuuge mistake in the picture. The first to guess it will have a cookie!! :XD: )

I'm sorry for the lack of uploads....really sorry.....but I must say that right now I'm co-producing a project: a frriend of mine has written some stories regarding emotional intelligence on childs and I'm the one who's ilustrating it! So yeah! At last I have my hands in something serious! :flirty: Right now I'm not allowed to give more info, but for sure I'll let you know something about it as soon as all is finished!
Heart, pag.13 by KsKaBeLL
Heart, pag.13
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Hola hola!
Vuelvo con una paginilla más! :-)
Hago lo que puedo para seguir dibujando, hay que tirar para adelante! (no sólo a nivel profesional, si no también a nivel personal....dibujar me relaja. Y mucho!)
En fin, siento tardar tanto en actualizar, espero no cortar el ritmo de la historia! n_ñU

Lima siempre está en su mundo y desconoce por completo todos los entresijos de la familia del "Aaru". Suerte que tiene a Marco cerca que le puede poner un poco al dia. :bleh:

Espero que os guste!
Quiero leer vuestros comentarios para que me digáis que os está pareciendo la historia! Prometo que en breve la cosa se va a poner un poco más turbia ;-)

Nos leemos!! :love:



Panel 1: 
Lima: Ooook....that was so odd....that guy. I'll better stay away from him.

Panel 2: 
Lima: Marcooooo! Look what I have! My female sex appeal had get us free drinks! Also, we can order more. I've got my account settled.

Panel 3:
Lima: Hum.....ok....don't drink if you don't want to....but don't look me this way....

Panel 4:
Marco: Fuck it Lima! Really??? Is it posible that you don't even have a clue of who you were talking to??
Lima: Stop that "protective daddy" thing, Marco. That guy was strange and I get away from him. That's all. It doesn't matter.
Marco: It doesn't matter? Damn, he's Mr. Black, from Aaru's family. They are pretty well known all over the city....and not because of their good deeds....

Panel 5:
LIma: Really?? Is he famous?? Fuck...I could get something more from him than two miserly drinks...
Marco: I can't belive it. The whole world bow their heads and run away when Black Alex appears, and you are trying to take his money. You are nuts, Lima.

Hey there!
I'm back and with another page! I'm tryin to not stop drawing (even if my uploads are just so slow....) cuz keep drawing is what relax me the most after a hard day/week in my real life! I get really angry when I plan to draw and - because of somethin - finally I'm not able to do that! It's just so exasperating!
Anyway, hope my reaaaly slow updates are not taking away the rythm of the story. I realy would like to read your opinion and critics to know if the plot is going great or is just boring to you. Anyway, I promise that in a few pages things will become more... bizarre!

Thankies ppl!


Tic Tac Bang (c) CascaBelle

Bueno bueno!

Creo que ya era hora de actualizar un poco el jornal, ya que hace bastante tiempo que lo tengo abandonado. Antes de machacaros con un leve resúmen de mi vida (resúmen que os prometí hace tiempo y, como siempre, me he demorado en escribir) quiero que sepáis que aunque mi actividad en DA parezca nula, realmente no lo es. Cada dia echo un vistazo a todos vuestros pics, leo jornales y escribo comentarios. Tengo la aplicación en el móvil (muy útil, por cierto) y siempre que tengo un momento voy echando un ojo a todas las novedades. Así que sí, aunque parezca ausente, realmente os estoy vigilando a todos. Si no actualizo más a menudo es porque no tengo tiempo (y a veces ni ganas) de dibujar demasiado…

Esta bien, os haré un abstract de las novedades que pueda haber en mi vida:

  • Ya no estoy en recepción de Palex. Me han promocionado y ahora estoy cómo asistente en la División de Cuidados Clínicos (llevando Nefrología y Control Clínico a la vez). Quedó la vacante vacía, me presenté a las pruebas y entrevistas y me ascendieron. J Perfecto para mi! Realmente mi trabajo ahora es mucho más pleno; organizo eventos, vuelos, hoteles, viajes. Doy soporte a mis divisiones y ayuda en todo lo que necesiten con los temas de Marketing. Así que sí, ahora me gusta un poco más lo que hago. (Y por supuesto mi sueldo no es el mismo!)

  • A causa de este nuevo puesto de trabajo, ya no puedo dibujar. Antes mataba mis ratos en recepción dibujando sin descanso, pero ahora ya no. Estoy rodeada de gente y tengo trabajo contínuo, así que ya no me sobra tiempo.

  • Suspendí la oposición que hice en Madrid para Instituciones Penitenciarias. Mal. Pero puesto que poco después me ascendieron ahora me importa un poco menos….pero me gustaría seguir intentándolo.

  • Cómo mi sueldo ahora me lo permite he vuelto al gimnasio; entrenamiento metabólico lo llaman. De momento muy bien, además vamos 4 amigas a las mismas clases, así que nos entretenemos de lo lindo.

  • Alex está haciendo Krav Maga (defensa personal Israelí) así que ahora a los dos nos ha sentado bien volver a hacer deporte.

  • Presenté un diseño de logotipo para mi empresa. Querían una mascota “Palex”, así que les entregué mi idea. Estoy pendiente de si la usarán o no. La verdad es que me haría muchísima ilusión!

  • Sigo teniendo en mente a DDE y, la verdad, espero volver a encontrar algo de tiempo e inspiración para ponerme otra vez de lleno en ello. Pero Alex llega muy tarde de trabajar, y yo cuando llego del gym me toca hacer todas las faenas cotidianas, así que cuándo por fin ya estoy lista se me han hecho las 21:00 de la noche y ya no me apetece nada sentarme a dibujar….-_-U


La verdad es que no hay muchas novedades, es simplemente la rutina diaria que puede conmigo. Así que cuando nuestro bolsillo lo permire, lo primero que hacemos Alex y yo es organizar algún viaje. Este verano toca Vietnam y Camboya ;-)


Pues nada gente! Esto es todo de momento! No os penséis que os tengo abandonados, pues siempre estoy con un ojo puesto en DA y si en cualquier momento queréis encontrarme podréis hacerlo fácilmente y sin demora! Os deseo lo mejor y seguid dibujando! Muchos de vosotras habéis hecho progresos increíbles a lo largo de todo este tiempo. No lo dejéis nunca!


Os quiero mucho a todos!! :love:





Well well!

It was about time for me to upload the journal, so it’s been a long time since I wrote something new here. I’ll give you a little abstract about what’s going on in my life right now, but before that I want to tell you all that even if it looks like I’m really OUT from DA, I am never OUT. Every day when I can a take a look at the page and see all your pics, read all your journals and answer all the comments ppl let me. I even have the app in my phone, so every place I am I’m able to use it and see what’s new in here. So yeah, I’m always here, even if it looks like I’m not! I’m watching you all!!! :devilish:

Well, here goes the abstract:

  • I’m no longer working as a receptionist at Palex. They upgraded me. Now I’m working as Clinical Care’s Division Assistant (with Nephrology and Clinical Control) at Palex. The assistant’s place was empty, so I did all the test and interviews and they took me for the job. I’m happy. Now at least I like a little more what I’m doing: I’m organizing some events, fairs, congresses, giving support to my division with the marketing, materials, flights, hotel bookings, travels…And for sure, my salary has increased J

  • Due to my new job I’m not able to draw anymore at work. When I was at the reception I was drawing all the time to kill my boring time. But right now I just can’t do that, I’m surrounded by ppl and have a lot of work, so have no free time to any pic. That’s a pitty!

  • I failed the national tests for the Penal Institutions (jails). I was sad about that….but since a few days later my company upgraded me, now it’s not a big deal. Next year I’ll try again with those tests! Hope to have more luck!

  • Since my salary is better now, I’m going to the gym again. I’m doing MTG (metabolic training). Its good, I like it. We are 4 friends going to the same training, so it’s pretty funny too!

  • Alex’s training himself in Krav Maga (Iranian self defense). Once a week he comes home with ugly bruises, but he likes it a lot and he’s just getting fit! So it’s ok J

  • DDE is still in my mind. I want to continue with that project, but I just need to find the time and the inspiration. Since Alex comes home soo late, once I arrive after work and gym I must do all the household by myself. So when I’m done I don’t feel like drawing but like laying in bed instead… -_-U


There are no many news in my life, it’s just the daily routine that kills me every day. When our pocket is a little bit full, Alex and me plan a lot of travels, this summer we are going to Vietnam and Camboya ;-)


Well, that’s all! So, like I’ve said, don’t think I’m abandoning DA, cuz I’m not. I’m always peeping around here, so if you look for me you’ll fins me in a heart beat ;-) I wish you the best and keep drawing! Some of you have done incredible improvements thru all these years! Keep doin’ the good job guys! Never let it apart!



Lof you all! :flirty:

  • Mood: Humor
  • Drinking: Tea


KsKaBeLL has started a donation pool!
542 / 1,000
(yesh, at least till I'm done with the ones I already have)

Yeah! Points!
I want to get a subscription again! :boogie:
So yeah! I'll do art request for points! But just will be pencil sketches and linearts.
If anyone is interested in a more elaborated pic (with color) I'll reserve for myself the qty of points I'll ask for it depending on the requested picture ;-)

Some things you must know first:
1.- Send me a note with a description of your request
2.- I'll start drawing once the points have been donated
3.- I'll accept any kind of character (not necessary related to SS) in any kind of situations (have no problem with sexual and mature themes)

Pencil sketch:
1 character (bust) --> 5 :points:
1 character (entire body) --> 10 :points:
every +1 character --> + 3 :points:
+background --> +2 :points:

1 character (bust) --> 8 :points:
1 character (entire body) --> 16 :points:
every +1 character --> + 6 :points:
+background --> 5 :points:

- Ask me ;-)

Now working on:
1.- :iconjenndylyon: --> 25%
2.- :icontsumilkenclover: -->… and
3.- :iconkiananuva12: -->…
4.- :iconartsee-claire: -->…

Saved places for the next round:
1.- :iconrhodenris:
2.- :icongreyscale-renegade:
3.- :iconbajecznamirra:

That's all!!
Free donations will be welcome too! hehehe :flirty:

You must be logged in to donate.
  • :iconartsee-claire:
    Donated May 14, 2012, 11:55:42 AM
  • :icontsumilkenclover:
    Donated May 11, 2012, 11:53:02 AM
  • :icontsumilkenclover:
    Donated May 10, 2012, 9:14:45 AM
  • :iconkiananuva12:
    Donated May 10, 2012, 7:21:18 AM
  • :iconjenndylyon:
    Donated May 9, 2012, 5:02:46 PM
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    Donated May 9, 2012, 10:13:14 AM
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    Donated May 9, 2012, 8:40:09 AM


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